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As Investigator ILAN TAL

Ben Maccabee is an American-Israeli actor who was born in Haifa, Israel.

Always having in mind to come to America and making it in Hollywood. "Films were always my passion, watching Steve McQueen, Brando, Charles Bronson, Clint, Coburn and of course Bruce Lee.

Ben debuted as an actor and was on a show called Knights and Warriors in 1992. Later on in 1994 Ben was cast to play the role of a party host in the low budget film Deadly Eyes.

In 2005 Ben received a call from the History Channel to come a audition for the role of Hannibal the Great.T hat year Ben wrote directed and star in the second feature film Produced by Tiberia Pictures, Moses, Fallen In the City of Angels. Ben has a strong presence and is a strong leading man who plays multi ethnic roles. Among his other passions is Vintage car racing, motorcycles, small planes and working on his cars.


As Hanan

Maggie Parto is an actress and writer, known for Skyla P.M. (2008), Emigrate (2014) and 2047 - Sights of Death (2014).

As Zari

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